Vintage Blooms

Gorgeous flowers on soft grunge backgrounds have been gently layered to create a wonderfully vintage and elegant design. “Vintage Blooms” paper collection features 10 designs which stands perfect for Scrapbooking and Decoupage


“ Entire Collection”

vintage_blooms_0009_VG 1
vintage_blooms_0008_VG 2
vintage_blooms_0007_VG 3
vintage_blooms_0006_VG 4
vintage_blooms_0005_VG 5
vintage_blooms_0004_VG 6
vintage_blooms_0003_VG 7
vintage_blooms_0002_VG 8
vintage_blooms_0001_VG 9
vintage_blooms_0000_VG 10

“Projects created with Vintage Blooms”

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